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    On the evening of Dec. 22, 1799, a young New York couple -- Levi Weeks and Gulielma Sands -- set out from their boarding house in old New York City to get married. Levi returned later that same evening -- alone. And Gulielma Sands was never seen alive again.

    Her disappearance set in motion a train of events that led to a scandalous murder trial involving two of the leading political figures of the day -- Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr -- and, ultimately to the famous duel in which Burr shot and killed Hamilton.

    That is the story told by prominent journalist and author Stanley Cloud (see manhattan-well-author) in his new novel, The Manhattan Well.

    Deeply rooted in historical fact, The Manhattan Well incorporates the political maneuverings of Hamilton and Burr as well as Burr’s intricate chicanery in establishing The Manhattan Bank (later the Chase Manhattan Bank) to compete with Hamilton’s Bank of New York (see manhattan-well-stan-cloud’s-blog).

    Cloud skillfully weaves these threads into a complex and dramatic tapestry and brings to life some of the most significant characters in American history, including Hamilton, Burr and President John Adams.

    “In writing The Manhattan Well,” Cloud says, “ I tried to fill in the blanks that history always leaves behind while being as  faithful as possible to the historical facts of the three main stories....”

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